> A desktop version of Roboden is available on Steam!

Roboden is an asymmetrical indirect control real-time strategy game about robot colonies. Get a break from millions-actions-per-minute strategies and chill in this semi-idle game. This game is more about observing than acting.


  • Asymmetrical RTS gameplay
  • Unique base and units control system
  • Neat pixel art graphics
  • Units combining system for higher tier units
  • Easy to learn, hard to master game process
  • Interactive in-game tutorial
  • More than 20 drones divided into 3 tiers
  • 4 drone factions, each with their own bonuses
  • Randomized level generation with customizations

If you're playing a browser version of the game, please use Chrome or some other browser that has good webassembly support (you may have performance issues in Firefox). If possible, prefer a native build; you'll get a smooth 60fps experience this way.

It's recommended to use Steam version if you want to play this game using a native build. Itch io page is used to host a web build of Roboden.

This game is open source.
It's created with Ebitengine (a game engine for Go).


roboden_linux.zip 19 MB
roboden_windows32.zip 19 MB
roboden_windows64.zip 19 MB

Development log


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Fun game! idk how I feel about the unlocks. I wanted to see what options there were to play around, but I didn't feel ilke grinding to get scrore.




I played around Build 22, love the major update!

The difficulty has increased significantly compared to Build 13, which appropriately increases the challenge!

The new biomes are making things much more interesting!

I wonder is it possible to build a city map? Where concrete buildings are being crushed with a wave impact by Colony ships and Dreadnought landings? The 3rd Colony ship (the one with tank tracks) and ground units would have difficulties moving around the city map?


I’m glad that you like it! I tried to make the biomes unique with special resources and environment mechanics.

A couple of other biomes were also planned, and an urban biome was one of the ideas. Unfortunately, my artist partner is not available anymore, so I had to be quite conservative with my resources. I managed to draw forest and inferno biomes myself, some new drones, and even 2 new colony types. But it takes ages for me to pull it off, not to mention that sometimes the result doesn’t look as polished as it could.

For now, I’ll take a break from content updates and focus on the new platforms. The native Android build is on the way (I’m planning to distribute it via Google Play).

My other goal could be something like a campaign/story mode where you would have an evergrowing colony and maybe a world map. I dislike when an RTS takes away all your progress after the mission is done, so it would be different here (like in Warzone 2100, etc.)

I’m planning to update this browser version to match the latest Steam release.

One issue I had is that Roboden is no longer a small game. It has tons of sfx and sprites; it even has 1 extra music track now. With everything combined, a browser version of this game would be painfully slow to load (especially for the first launch, until the browser caches it).

I have a solution now. Stay tuned.

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It’s done!

This is pretty cool! very different from a base building RTS like Starcraft or CnC. More nomadic, quite fun.

Oh and also: awesome music! Is there anyplace it is available for independent listening?
I always love me some good chippy tunes.

I found this music at https://modarchive.org/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBPQd42yNo0


Thanks Iskander!
I also realized that if you download the game, the music is included as regular old sound files, ready to play :)

Please note that itch io contains very outdated. :) I have plans to update it, but it takes time to optimize a bigger game for a web export.


I just saw your game is coming for steam, its featured under the coming soon tab in the economy tab, and couldn't believe what I was seeing as I played it here on itch a month ago. Congratulations!

idk how to get past black robot


Nice game, awesome developers

Thank you for your kind words. :) I’m glad that you enjoyed our game!


Great game! I strongly recommend everyone to play - you will not regret it!


Let’s hope that our game will be good enough for other people, so they don’t regret playing it. :)

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Spent a lot of hours playing. Cool game, really liked the main idea of non direct control of units. Reminds me of old Majesty. Even though game's classic mode has always the same rules, it takes some time to learn all the drone variations and their synergy, so it helps to keep the interest and play again more and more.

It would be great to see more challenges in the game, like extreme hard mode or even full campaign with progressive difficulty. Because for now gameplay feels a bit too easy for me after killing the boss a few times. Also waiting for promised leaderboard, I think it should add some liveliness to online activity.

Keep it up with your work! Ganbatte


Thank you for such an elaborated comment. We’re working on the leaderboard right now, it should be out in a few days if everything goes well. It should make things more spicy. :)

There will be a bunch of new content too, like portals.

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I’ll copy these instructions here as well.

Running a native build (Windows, MacOS, Linux):

  1. Download an itch app to safely(ish) run games from itch.io
  2. Open quasilyte.itch.io/roboden in the app (or search for “Roboden”)
  3. Press Install in the bottom right corner
  4. Run the game by pressing Launch from the client