Three sentient races enter a star system near the Alpha Centauri. They're fighting for their right to control this part of the galaxy.

The factions are called Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. You play as an Alpha faction pilot. Lead your faction to victory:

  • Collect minerals and distribute them among star bases
  • Defend your planets
  • Destroy enemy bases and vessels
  • Get more power by upgrading your own vessel
  • Find artifacts
  • Complete super exciting quests

Every action makes the time pass. The world doesn't wait for you: planets get conquered, vessels get destroyed and built.

This game is quite challenging and it's not balanced correctly. It's a 2-day jam prototype that includes some ideas but lacks the polishing you might expect from a game. It is, however, possible to beat the game.

The game jam theme is consume. This game implements this feature in shield mechanics. Every vessel has an energy shield. This shield not only blocks 75% of the damage but also consumes the energy carried in this projectile. Effectively, blocking a projectile that used 10 energy to shoot will get you ~20 energy in return. This makes the game more dynamic: good blocking opens an attack opportunity due to the energy overflow.

Some hints:

  • Prefer safer gameplay in the beginning
  • Try to get a secondary weapon as soon as possible
  • Having more than one planetary base is a priority
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorIskander (quasilyte)
GenreAction, Simulation
TagsArcade, Space, Text based


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Well done! I love games with open worlds that lives by its own rules. This game has atmosphere of space adventure. This reminds me of Space Rangers 2


This game is heavily inspired by Space Rangers. :D It was hard to implement all of the ideas in a given time span, but the game does handle the world simulation quite fairly.


Pixelspace Rangers Gameplay